Weather Stripping for Doors


Can you feel the winter wind blowing through the cracks in your doors? I know that several of my friends can because every winter they tell me about it. I think they want me to wiggle my nose and make it all better. But you don’t need to be a … CONTINUE READING

Keeping your Home Insulated: The Attic Access


I’ll start by saying it’s absolutely mind blowing how many attics I climb into and find outdated insulation, missing insulation, and/or cracks in the HVAC duct work. Honestly, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that 90% of the attics I climb into have some sort of insulating problem. This … CONTINUE READING



Trying to save money on the wrong aspects of your building project could cost you big. Shopping around for the best prices, and putting in your own time and energy to save money, all sounds like logical ways to cut costs on a project. It could be, yet it could … CONTINUE READING

5 Steps to Keeping Your Home Protected from Water Leaks

1) Every single window and door should be checked ONCE A YEAR for cracks developing in the sealant where the window / door meets the trim and where the trim meets the house. This is very simple and can save you thousands in damages. Just walk around your house with … CONTINUE READING